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As the direct manufacturer, we’re equipped to handle all your needs, whether you’re looking to order a single product or in bulk. Please fill out the form below with the required details, and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

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  1. Name That Product! (Product Name)
    Just type in the product you’re eyeing. Whether it’s the shiny one or the big one, we’ll know.

  2. Where Can We Buzz You? (Your Email)
    Pop in your email. No spam, promise! Just the good stuff coming your way.

  3. Order Vibes! (Vibes)
    Going solo or thinking big? Let us know if it’s just one item or a whole bunch.

  4. Got a Magic Number? (Unit/Pieces)
    Tell us how many you’re thinking of snagging.

  5. Spill the Tea! (Your Message)
    Any special requests or burning questions? Drop them here.

  6. Show and Tell! (Attach file)
    Got a pic or a doc? Drag and drop it right here. Just make sure it’s under 2MB and in .jpg, .png, or .pdf format.

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