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European Style Rotary Dial Retro Landline Telephone

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  • European vintage-style telephone with a golden brass finish; weight: 1245g (2.75 lbs).
  • Dimensions of 23 cm (9.06 inches) in width, 18 cm (7.09 inches) in height, and 13.5 cm (5.31 inches) in depth.
  • Rotary dial for a nostalgic touch, powered by corded electric connection, ensuring reliability.
  • Meticulously handcrafted and detailed for durability, making it a unique and functional decor piece or a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Product Details​

Weight 1245 g
Dimensions 18 L x 23 W x 13.5 H cm










Telephone Type


Power Source

Corded Electric

Dial Style

Rotary Dial


Numeric Digit



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Original price was: $149.00.Current price is: $59.00.Each
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The Craple European Vintage Telephone transports you to a bygone era of elegance and timeless communication. Crafted with precision and adorned with a golden finish, this corded telephone is not just a device, it’s a piece of art that adds a touch of vintage sophistication to your space.

European Vintage Design

  • Golden Elegance: Made from high-quality brass with a radiant golden finish, this telephone exudes European charm and complements any table or desk.
  • Dimensional Aesthetics: Measuring 23 cm (9.06 inches) in width, 18 cm (7.09 inches) in height, and 13.5 cm (5.31 inches) in depth, it’s designed to be both visually captivating and perfectly functional.
  • Rotary Dial Delight: The rotary dial adds to the vintage charm, offering a tactile and nostalgic experience.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

  • Artisanal Excellence: Each Craple European Vintage Telephone is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, featuring detailed manufacturing that ensures every piece is a unique work of art.
  • Corded for Reliability: Powered by corded electric connection, this telephone is a reliable communication device that never runs out of battery.

A Gift of Timeless Communication

  • Memorable Gifting: Ideal for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion, this vintage telephone is a thoughtful and unique gift that bridges the past with the present.
  • Functional Decor Piece: Its vintage design and solid brass construction make it a versatile addition to any room, enhancing both the ambiance and communication.

Why Choose the Craple European Vintage Telephone? Experience communication in its most nostalgic and elegant form with the Craple European Vintage Telephone. Its antique design and meticulous craftsmanship make it more than a telephone; it’s a statement piece that connects generations. Choose this embodiment of history and artistry today, and let every call be a journey to the past.

Additional Information

Care & Instructions

Cleaning Method

  • To clean your telephone, gently wipe away dirt and dust with a dry cotton cloth. Avoid scrubbing the surface.

Moisture-Proofing Your Telephone

  • Prevent any exposure to moisture and water to protect your telephone.

Avoiding Chemicals

  • Do not let the product come into contact with chemicals or alcohol, as these substances can damage the natural finish and durability.

Note: To preserve the product’s quality, avoid using abrasive materials on its surface.

  • Insert the telephone cord into the wall jack and connect the other end to the phone’s base or handset.
  • Vintage telephones were primarily used for voice communication, connecting callers through manual switchboards or early automated systems, before the advent of digital technology and mobile phones.
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