Welcome to Craple.

By purchasing any product from Craple, you are agreeing to be bound by the following Terms of Use. You may stop using Craple if you do not agree to the Terms of Use stated on this page.

In reference to the terminology in these Terms of Use; ‘’We’’, ‘’Our’’, ‘’Us’’, and ‘’Craple’’ simply means our company. ‘’Us, ‘’Party’’, or ‘’Parties’’ refers to both the Client and ourselves, and ‘’You’’ refers to the Craple user logging in or using a Craple Service as a business and any of its affiliates.

All terms mean the offer, acceptance, and consideration of payment obligatory in assisting the Client in an appropriate and professional manner such as to meet the Client’s needs in accordance to the Company’s stated services as applicable to the prevailing Laws of India. Agreeing to the usage of the above terminologies can be adopted as interchangeable and therefore as referring as to same.

Craple offers a wide range of sales services on its platform to enable merchants to integrate their commercial activities. Given its numerous features, this platform has a plethora of tools for merchants to create custom made online stores and sell in different channels such as social media, mobile, web, and offline; manage products, shipping, payments, inventory, marketing, and advertising, business operations, and engaging with potential and existing customers. Services in this manner provided by Craple are typically referred to in the Terms of Use as the ‘’Service(s)’’. Any additional features or tools on the Craple platform will be subject to the Terms of Use.

Common language usage is offered for the sake of clear understanding and are showcased in bold close to each section, though these languages are not legally binding. Ensure to read the Terms of Use, as well as any document attached to these Terms of Use, for a clearer understanding of your legal expectations. By using the Craple website, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Ensure you regularly check for updates.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless legally contested, Craple and/or its license agents has an exclusive preserve of the intellectual property rights for all material on Craple. With this, information regarding this organization can be accessed from Craple for your personal consumption, agreeable to the restrictions stated in these Terms of Use.

You May Not:

  • Sell, lease or sub-lease any material owned by Craple.
  • Republish material from Craple.
  • Redistribute information from Craple.
  • Duplicate, reproduce, or copy material from Craple.

The Craple platform offers users the opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions, and information in some parts of the website. Craple does not alter comments by way of editing, reviewing, or filtering on its platform. Comments does not represent the opinions of Craple and/or its affiliates. Individuals who post opinions and views are responsible for their comments. Given existing laws, Craple will not be held responsible for user’s comments which connotes damages resulting from the manner of presentation on this website. Craple has the right and authority to monitor all comments and to expunge any comment which is seen as inappropriate, and tends to cause damages and breach in these Terms of Use.

You Represent That:

  • Comments are free from libelous, defamatory, offensive, inappropriate material.
  • You do not give Craple the right to edit, reproduce, use, and permit others to use or reproduce any of your comments in any form.
  • The comments do not alter any intellectual property right such as trademark or patent, as well as copyright of any third party.
  • You have the freedom and license to post comments on the Craple platform.
  • The comments are not for the purpose of soliciting or promoting business or any commercial activities outside the Craple website.


We use cookies. By agreeing to use Craple, you accepted to use cookies in the agreement with Craple’s Privacy Policy.

Most websites are legally permitted to use cookies to record user’s details for each visit on the website. Our website use cookies to help with an easy functionality of some areas so that people can easily visit the website. Also, some of our affiliate marketers may use cookies.

Use of Account

  • To use Craple services, you must register to create an account (‘’Account’’). This requirement entails you must provide us with your complete legal name, phone contact, home and office address, valid email address, and any other important information required by the platform. Craple may not accept your application for an Account or disable an existing Account at any time we may deem fit.
  • As a User, you must be at least 18 years of age or must have attained an adult age at the location you reside and from wherein you make use of the Services to create Craple Account.
  • You indicate that your use of the Services offered by Craple is for the sole purpose of undertaking business activities and not for any unfamiliar purpose.
  • It is your responsibility to secure your password. On no account will Craple be help culpable for any loss or damage resulting from our failure to safeguard your Account and password.
  • You accept to not monitor or access any information or material on Craple, using any automation such as spider or robot.
  • You agree not to bypass any of the technical restrictions of the Services such as processing orders outside Craple’s Point of Sale, using any software that can alter the functionality which was already disabled in the Services.
  • You agree that Craple will make use of your registered email address as the primary method to engage with you. With this, you need to ensure that your registered email address can send and receive messages.

Your Responsibilities

  • You accept that the Services provided does not offer an avenue for business transaction, and any agreement for sales carried out through the platform is transacted between you and the customer. You are responsible for keeping records of products you sell through the platform, and also responsible for the establishment and operation of your Craple Store, your Materials, the products that you may sell through the platform, and all types of commercial activities between you and your customers. Transactions of this nature includes but not limited to, approving the charge to the customer arising from the purchases made, regulatory compliance, returns, fraudulent transactions, refunds, supposed or actual abuse of existing laws, especially in the area of consumer protection laws in any sphere of control where you offer products for sale, or you alter this Terms of Use. You ‘’affirm’’ that your Store, your Materials, as well as the products you sell through the platform will be devoid of false, complete and accurate, and will not go against any stated laws, right of third parties, or any form of regulation. For clarity sake, Craple is exempted from being the seller and will not be liable for any damages on your Store.
  • It is unlawful to use Services on the Craple platform for any unauthorized purpose or may you, whilst using the website, contravene the rules in your control such as copyright laws, the laws which applies to you in your customer’s location, or the laws governing India. You are mandated to abide by all applicable rules and regulations including but not limited to meeting with the requirements of any license that may be required to transact with your store, as it is in line with performing your obligations under the Terms of Use.
  • The API Terms do regulate your right and access to using the Craple API (as explained therein). You are directly answerable for the events that takes place while using your API authorizations, and for securing your APIs.
  • You agree and accept to use ‘’Craple Checkout’’ for sales activities connected to your store. Craple Checkout in this case means a feature which allows Customers to supply their delivery information and details of payment after selecting products to their cart and before making a request, as well as checkouts which go through the Craple Checkout API.

Hyperlink to Our Content

We give license for the following organizations to link our website without soliciting for approval

They are:

  • Search engines;
  • Government agencies;
  • Media organizations

Commercially registered business organization except non-profit bodies, and charity fundraising organizations may not have the approved hyperlink to our website.

The licensed organizations will have access to link our home page to journals or other online platforms, provided the link does not (a) contravene our policy and reputation; (b) matches with the concept of the linking website; (c) does not pretentiously connote endorsement or promotion of the linking platform and its products and services.\

We may choose to license other applications for link from organizations such as:

  • Organizations involved in charity work;
  • Professional bodies and trade associations;
  • dot.com community websites;
  • Internet portals; and
  • Popular business platforms.

In this light, we will grant link requests in the condition that (a) the link resonates with general resource information; (b) the link will not impede our chances of making profit or to our registered businesses.

These corporations may be connected to our home page provided (a) the link is not in any way deceptive; (b) matches with the concept of the linking website; (c) does not pretentiously connote endorsement or promotion of the linking platform and its products and services.

If you fall in the category of organizations in the second paragraph above and wish to connect to our platform, it is important you inform us (Craple) by email. Endeavor to provide your full name, address, the URLs of your website, a list of the URLs you wish to connect to our website, as well as a valid contact information. We will send a feedback within two weeks.

Removal of Links from Our Website

In the event you discover a malicious link on our website, you are obligated to inform us immediately. We will approve the removal of unwanted links but may not communicate with you directly. We do not affirm the correctness of information contained on this website and as such, do not promise that the website or its materials will remain forever.

Information Confidentiality

  1. This section portends that your information is confidential while using Craple, and this includes but not limited to, any and all information in relations with a private affiliate, software, technical procedures, names, product designs, price lists, unpublished financial reports, costs, and other relevant information regarding existing and prospective customers. Craple’s Confidential Information is a collection of all information you get from our platform, that are non-exclusive to the general public, and this includes information which concerns our security program.
  2. Each party on the Craple platform accepts to use each other’s Confidential Information for the main purpose of performing their obligations as enshrined under these Terms of Use including this section 4. Parties involved agrees to follow the required procedure, equivalent to measures taken to protect its own patented information, just to avoid duplication, disclosure, or the usage of any sort of Confidential Information, other than (i) as mandated by any law or order of competent jurisdiction over the parties and services contained therein in these Terms of Use, given that if licensed according to law, the receiving party will transfer a written notice to the disclosing party and take the necessary measures to make sure that the disclosure is given a confidential treatment; (ii) to or by its workers, subcontractors and middlemen who usually have access to the said Confidential Information to execute the party’s responsibilities, wherein each of them are mandated to maintain confidentiality to such strict party.

Intellectual Property and Your Materials

  1. We do not lay claims to ownership of the Materials you bring to Craple; rather, we do request approval to those Materials. You are obligated to grant Craple an unlimited, transferable, royalty-free, global right to use, host, expose, publicly perform, copy, distribute, and communicate to the public, reproduce, broadcast, translate, and display materials which you have provided in connection with the website. We may choose to use our right as enshrined under this license to provide, run, and promote the services, and to carryout our responsibilities as applicable to these Terms of Use. Therefore, you represent and accept that you have the full privilege in the Materials to grant this permission. You conclusively and irretrievably surrender any and all moral rights contained in the Materials on behalf of Craple and hereby accept that this renunciation may be appealed by anyone who acquires rights in the Materials through Craple, as well as anyone who Craple may transfer rights by way of license in the Materials.
  2. You do accept that Craple has the right at any given time to delete any or all of the Materials added to the website, even though Craple is not obliged to do so.
  3. If you are the rightful owner of the Materials before submitting them to Craple, despite uploading them to your Craple store, they are still your properties, despite any existing right or permissions given to the Materials that Craple expects you to execute any right or carryout any obligation that arose at the time of the agreement.

5.2 Craple Intellectual Property

  1. You hereby accept that you will refrain from the use of logos, or trademarks of Craple, regardless it is or not registered, including but not limited to the name CRAPLE, except you are granted express permission to do so by Craple in writing. You agree not to inscribe any mark(s) that may be misleading or mystifying with the Craple Trademarks. You agree that any form of misspellings of the Craple Trademarks will be seen as error with the Craple Trademark.
  2. You wholly accept not to register, buy, or use search engine, or any form of pay-per-click automation like Google Ads, email addresses, trademarks, domain names, and social media handles that may be inconsistent with the Craple Trademarks.

Payment of Fees and Taxes

  • You are obligated to pay the fees which coincides with your subscription to the website’s services, as well other applicable fees associated to the value of sales which was transacted through your online store when using other payment platforms different from Craple Payments, and any type of fees associated with your use or purchase of any type of goods and services like POS Equipment, Craple Payments, domain names, shipping, apps, or Third Party Services which attracts Additional Fees.
  • fees are paid before time and will be billed every thirty days. Additional Fees and Transaction Fees will be occasionally billed at the sole discretion of Craple. You will be charged for outstanding fees on each billing date. Details of the fees will be printed on an invoice and forwarded to the Store Owner through the provided email address. With this, an invoice will be generated on the Account Page of your Store’s backend. Users are given about two weeks to settle issues bordering with billing of Subscription Fees.
  • You must have a record of each payment method with us wherein you make payment for all previous and running expenses. Craple will raise charges to the corresponding Fees to any valid payment method that you approve, and Craple will continue to charge that approved payment method until the services ends and all outstanding fees have been completely paid.
  • All Fees do not apply to Federal, State, or Local government sales, products and services harmonized or other taxes which are currently in operation or endorsed in the future.

Feedback and Reviews

Craple is pleased to entertain suggestions and ideas regarding the enhancements and perfections to the existing services on the website. Under no conditions should any idea, suggestion, Third Party Services, Affiliates, or Material pertaining to services on Craple be presented in a manner of confidentiality or in the intent of compensation. By submitting Feedback to Craple on whatever means, you surrender to any and all right in the content of the Feedback and that Craple has the liberty to execute and implement the Feedback as they so choose, as provided by you without seeking permission from you or any third party. Ensure that any review of a Third Party Service or Third Party Provider that you present to Craple must be correct to the best of your knowledge and must not be illegal, defamatory, infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy, or in any way injurious to third parties.

General Conditions

  • The Terms of Use, as well as the included Materials constitutes the entire agreement between you and Craple, and administer your use of the services and your account, overriding any previous agreement between you and Craple, including all Terms of Use.
  • Apart from Craple and its affiliates, you or anyone accessing Craple Services under these Terms of Use, except otherwise stated in these Terms of Use, no organization or individual who is not subject to these Terms of Use will have any right to invoke any term enshrined in these Terms of Use, no matter if such organization or individual has been identified by name or category of social strata.
  • The Terms of Use may be available in several languages apart from English. In the event of any contradictions, variations, or misunderstanding between these English Terms of Use and Craple’s Terms of Service made available in other foreign languages, the most current English version of the Terms of Use will be upheld.